AT&T subscribers who previously had unlimited data plans back in the iPhone 3G era and have managed to hang onto that plan are in for their first price increase in seven years, a source with knowledge of the matter has informed 9to5Mac.

The price jump won’t be huge—the almost-too-good-to-be-true rate of $30 will increase to just $35—but it does open the door to further tinkering later down the line, which may make some customers a little uneasy. The change will go into effect in February 2016.

As is currently the case, talk and text costs will be separate from the data fee.

T-Mobile recently raised its own unlimited data price along with the announcement of its “Un-carrier X” offer, though that was a much larger jump from $80 to $95. Verizon also updated its own unlimited plan recently with a $20 price hike, making AT&T’s increase the most generous of the bunch.

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